What are the Appeals Courts for the State of Florida

The Florida Supreme Court is the highest court in in the state of Florida. The Florida Supreme Court’s jurisdiction is limited by the Article V, Section 3 of Constitution of the State of Florida. Most trial court rulings are not reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court. Instead most appels are heard by the Florida’s intermediate tribunal – the district courts of appeal which were created in 1957. The jurisdiction of the district courts of appeal are set forth in Article V, Section 4. Florida is divided into five appellate court districts with headquarters througout the State: First District Court of Appeal (Tallahassee), Second District Court of Appeal (Lakeland), Third District Court of Appeal (Miami), Fourth District Court of Appeal (West Palm Beach), and Fifth District Court of Appeal (Daytona Beach).

Addtionally, the Circuit Courts of the State of Florida, which are sometimes referred to as courts of general jurisdiction, are where most civil and criminal trials are held. In particular, civil matter involving disputes of more than $15,000 and felony matters are tried before a Circuit Court judge. The Circuit Courts also review appeals from County Courts which deal with civil disputes of less than $15,000 and misdemeanor criminal prosecutions.