Changes Coming To Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office and Kozinski Gangnam Style?

by appealattorneylaw

Sorry for the slow blogging.  Between crazy deadlines and holiday events, it’s been hard to find time.

I’ve got 3 things for you.  First, the Palm Beach Post reports that changes are in store for the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office.  For starters, Paul Zacks is out as the Chief Assistant, to be replaced by Alan Johnson.  I myself am curious to see whether any of the Assistants who left the office under McAuliffe will return to their old jobs now that Aronberg has been elected.  And, like many criminal defense and criminal appeals lawyers out there, I’m also curious to see if Aronberg will allow the prosecutors any more authority to plead out their cases.  Only time will tell.

Second, where will Peter Antonacci, the interim State Attorney, go now that Aronberg has been elected, you ask?  Why, back to Tallahassee to serve as General Counsel to Governor Scott of course!

Third, for those of you who practice in Federal court, I bet you’d never think you’d see Judge Kozinski this  . . . enjoy!