Merry Christmas, John Goodman

by appealattorneylaw

Have you read the report in the Palm Beach Post this afternoon?  It seems that Palm Beach Circuit Court Judge Colbath denied the State’s motion to revoke Goodman’s house arrest, which means that Goodman will probably be home in time for Christmas (if he hasn’t bonded out already).  Now, don’t get me wrong.   If the State of Florida didn’t prove by a preponderance of the evidence that Goodman intentionally tampered with his ankle monitor, and if Goodman’s criminal defense attorneys did their job of highlighting the weaknesses in the State’s position, then I agree that the State’s motion should have been denied.  But what I dislike so much about the court’s ruling is that it only feeds the public perception that money buys justice.  Whether perception is right or wrong is beside the point.  The bottom line is that based on the number of online comments which have been posted since the Palm Beach Post report went up at 4:13 pm EST (a bit over 3 hours ago), the public clearly thinks that money buys justice.  Merry Christmas, John Goodman.