Happy 2013, South Florida!

by appealattorneylaw

Since it’s the holiday season, news in the criminal appeals arena has been a little slow, but I thought I’d pass along a few items.

First, John Goodman’s appeal is proceeding along, with the State of Florida filing its Answer Brief on December 26, 2012.  Although the Answer Brief is not available electronically, you can read a summary of the State’s arguments in the Palm Beach Post by clicking here.  The 4th DCA docket for the case, 4D12-1930, can be viewed by clicking here.  Although Goodman’s attorneys have requested oral argument, the Court has not yet ruled on the request.  From my experience, the 4th DCA does not often grant requests for oral argument.  However, perhaps the high-profile nature of the case might influence the Court to grant the request.

Next, Broward County is considering changing its name to Lauderdale County.   According to the Sun Sentinel, the goal of the change would be to promote tourism.  Would a name change really make that much of a difference?

Finally, the bad news.  Wyatt Cenac is leaving the Daily Show with Jon Stewart!  To view some of the top Wyatt  Cenac moments, click here, here, and here.

Happy 2013, South Florida!