Casey Marie Anthony v. State, No. 5D11-2357: Affirmed in Part, Reversed In Part, But Will it Help Her?

by appealattorneylaw

Florida’s 5th DCA recently released its opinion in Casey Marie Anthony v. State, No. 5D11-2357.  In the criminal appeal, the Court reversed two of Anthony’s four misdemeanor convictions for providing false information to police officers, finding that the convictions for all four violate double jeopardy.  See Anthony, slip op., pgs. 11-15.  However, the Court also affirmed the trial court’s denial of Anthony’s motion to suppress the statements made to law enforcement during the investigation, finding that no Miranda warnings were required because Anthony was not in custody for purposes of Miranda.  See Anthony, slip op. pgs. 8-11.  If you happen to have any cases involving Miranda or double jeopardy issues, you should take a few minutes to read the 15 page opinion.

This is a good win for the criminal appeals team.  While the reversal will no doubt be of some help to Anthony, it’s unfortunate that the opinion has gotten little to no press coverage.  So in the end, how does the reversal really help Anthony, practically speaking?  Unless you live under a rock, you know that the press skewered Anthony during the pre-trial and trial proceedings.  But now that the trial is over, who is there to announce the good news that two of her four misdemeanor convictions were reversed?  Nobody.

Regardless of your opinion of the verdict, there is little dispute that Anthony’s case is just the latest example of what is wrong with today’s press coverage of criminal cases.  Now that Anthony has had her day in court, what does she have to show for it?  A bankruptcy petition.