Zimmerman Not to Have Pre-trial Hearing on Stand Your Ground Defense, and Martha Stewart Trial Testimony: It’s (not) a Good Thing

by appealattorneylaw

I’m not sure if you’re following the George Zimmerman case, but I thought I’d share a report I saw.  Apparently, his defense team has decided to forego the pre-trial hearing on the Stand Your Ground defense.   If you’re a Florida attorney who handles criminal defense work or criminal appeals, then you probably know that the pre-trial hearing isn’t necessarily required.  According to the news reports, the defense team has decided to just to go to trial and perhaps raise it there.  I suppose it’s a perfectly sound strategy, but for some reason, it just seems more risky to me.  What do you think?  (To see my latest post on possible amendments to the Stand Your Ground defense, click here).

Being that it’s Wednesday, I though you might need a little laugh.  A CNN Money report had a funny list of quotes from none other than Martha Stewart in her latest round of litigation.  I can almost see the smirk on her face as I read some of the lines. . . .