What Are Your Options For Appealing A Traffic Ticket?

What Are Your Options For Appealing A Traffic Ticket?

18 July 2022
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No one likes to get a traffic ticket, but it feels much worse if you're confident you did nothing wrong. You might not be sure, though what options are available for appealing a ticket. If you want to appeal one, a traffic ticket lawyer will likely look at one of these four options.

Lack of Visible Signage or Lights

Traffic-control devices are essential to a driver's ability to obey the law. A traffic-control device is anything the government installs to tell drivers what to do or not do. This covers things like stop signs, pavement markings, and lights.

If a cop says you drifted too far into a different lane, for example, you might have a defense based on the fact the markers had worn off to the point of no longer being discernable. The same logic applies if the highway department hasn't cleared bushes away from speed limit signs. You have a legal right to say you didn't know you were in the wrong if certain traffic-control devices weren't present or well-maintained.


You also have a right to argue that your driving performance was due to necessity. If a police officer says you were driving erratically, for example, you might be able to claim that you had to swerve because you were trying to avoid hitting a deer or a pedestrian. Traffic cases are criminal legal matters, and the state has to meet the burden of proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. If the state can't disprove your claim, there's a good chance the defense will hold up.

Wrong Car

Another argument is that the police misidentified your vehicle. Especially if a stop occurred in heavy traffic, you might assert that the police went after the wrong vehicle. A traffic ticket attorney can demand the production of video feeds from highway cameras or even recordings from police officers' cars. There might be evidence in the videos that a similar car was in the area, demonstrating the possibility the cops made a mistake.

Incorrect Paperwork

The cops have a job, and it requires them to do particular things competently. If a police officer messed up the paperwork, a traffic ticket lawyer will want a judge to know that fact. For example, they might have written down the wrong alleged offense. If the paperwork doesn't match the case, you have the right to ask the court to dismiss the charges.

To learn more, contact a local traffic ticket attorney.

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