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Who Knew that Miami Dade County and Orange County Have Drones??

Ok, I admit that this post is NOT about criminal appeals or criminal defense, but I could not resist passing this along.  When I saw this article on the CNN website, I thought “Great.  Another article about Florida Governor Scott making Florida look bad again.”  Well, after reading the article, it’s not just the Governor making Florida look bad.  Can you believe that some law enforcement agencies actually have drones?  If you live in Orange County or Miami Dade County, look out!

Mississippi’s Attorney General Calls Outgoing Governor Haley Barbour Boss Hogg!

Yes, that’s right.  The Attorney General of Mississippi called out-going Governor Haley Barbour Boss Hogg!  (I’m probably dating myself here, but many of you might remember that weasel in the white suit from the Dukes of Hazzard show back in the day).  Well, now CNN reports that the Mississippi Attorney General has vowed to chase down all the “pardoned” people and return them back to prison.  Never mind the fact that the releasees may not have committed any new crimes (at least not yet).  All I can say is that this is even more crazy than any of the stuff that happens in Broward County!

Happy Friday, South Florida!


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